Renewable Energy

Envirocapital or members of its team have direct management experience of many of the different renewable technologies and beyond that, roles as advisor and/or fund raiser for several other leading renewable energy businesses and projects.

  • From 2003 to 2007, members of Envirocapital LLP played a leading role in building from scratch one of the largest wind generation businesses in Europe with over 600MW of operating capacity.  Active in Germany, Italy and Ireland this business was sold to International Power in 2007.
  • In 2005, Envirocapital raised the first commercial capital for what is now the UK’s leading Solar PV business – Solar Century.
  • Envirocapital has advised RES – the UK’s most successful international wind project developer on the potential for growth in the biomass generation sector.
  • Homeland Renewable Energy was advised by Envirocapital on achieving good quality CHP status for its ground breaking 55MW biomass generation project in Minnesota, USA.
  • We advised on and participated in a community agri-energy project in Mozambique growing and producing liquid biofuel for transport and electricity generation in a totally self-sufficient local project.
  • We advised and managed a highly CO2 efficient biofuel technology, with nearly twice the CO2 savings of biodiesel. This technology was used on over 2000 HGVs throughout Europe and trialled successfully over four years in 7 HGVs at Waitrose in the UK.
  • Members of Envirocapital’s team have set up and managed a UK based Solar PV installation business focusing on farm based projects designed to integrate efficiently with grain drying systems and refrigeration stores. Several of these projects remain under management.
  • Members of the team have experience of advanced Anaerobic Digestion technology, delivering 20% higher output for farm-based AD projects.