Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a core principle for us.  Investments to derive the same output from less energy are often very attractive financial propositions.  We specialise in projects that are specifically structured to focus on government incentives to use energy more efficiently.

  • Envirocapital led the technical assessment process to achieve CHPQA (good quality CHP classification) for a ground breaking 55MW biomass generation plant in the USA.  This project uses agricultural waste to generate electricity and heat.  The heat is used to dry the spent ash which is an excellent agricultural fertiliser with a negligible carbon footprint.
  • Envirocapital currently operates nearly £20 million of specific funds for enhanced CHP projects installed at tomato growing projects.  These projects use natural gas to generate electricity for the grid and for the project itself.  In addition, heat from the generators maintains optimum temperatures in the greenhouses.  Finally, purified carbon dioxide from the generator exhaust gases is pumped into the greenhouses to increase the productivity of the tomato plants.
    • The projects achieve three income streams from the gas supply and are structured to optimise government incentives for efficient generation.
    • The tomato projects are based in the UK and reduce the need for imported tomatoes to be trucked here from southern Europe.